Donald-trump Electronic Cigar | Rechargeable E Cigar | 3 x Gold Cigar Flavour Ecigar | e Shisha Kit | Electronic Cigarette | USB Charging:Donald-trump
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Electronic Cigar | Rechargeable E Cigar | 3 x Gold Cigar Flavour Ecigar | e Shisha Kit | Electronic Cigarette | USB Charging:Donald-trump

eKaiser Published in September 19, 2018, 3:00 am
 Electronic Cigar | Rechargeable E Cigar | 3 x Gold Cigar Flavour Ecigar | e Shisha Kit | Electronic Cigarette | USB Charging:Donald-trump

Electronic Cigar | Rechargeable E Cigar | 3 x Gold Cigar Flavour Ecigar | e Shisha Kit | Electronic Cigarette | USB Charging:Donald-trump

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Roy Bainton
Roy Bainton Reply to on 22 June 2016
It certainly looks authentic. You can do a real Groucho/Churchill with this in your jaw, and I like the way it lights up red at the end, seeing as most e-cigarettes are still running scared of non-smokers by lighting green or blue. (Not much point in designing something to look like a real smoke lighting up as a Christmas tree). The Kaiser E-Cigar's a bit heavy, but the charge lasts well. Flavour-wise it's quite dull, but passable. However, I'm disappointed as of the 2 spare tips which came with it one of them is a dud - it doesn't work. So at the moment my Kaiser Havana is just for show.
clare b
clare b Reply to on 29 December 2015
I bought this for my partner as he was trying to give up smoking. After a successful year giving up cigarettes he had begun smoking the odd cigar. This habit was building to 5 or 6 a day and the strength and impact of that was something that was concerning him but he couldn't face the difficulty of fully giving up again so kept putting it off. So I bought him this as I thought it looked cool and might help him wean himself off his addiction. If not at least it would save money (he was paying £6/ day popping to the corner shop for individual cigars 6 times a day) and the carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals in these nasty 'cheap' cigars were a worry to me. When he first started smoking the ecigar on Chtistmas day he liked it a lot but he puffed it almost constantly, the 'hit' wasn't as strong as the Hamlets hed been smoking but he's been using it now for a few days and he's loving it. He hasn't felt the need for anything more. It works perfectly, he's recharged it a couple of times and it seems to charge quickly, he's changed the cartridge once but will probably puff it less often as he gets used to the more subtle effect. I am happy because he doesn't stink of the sickly smell of cheap cigars and he isn't smoking carbon monoxide fumes anymore.
Mark Field-Carter
Mark Field-Carter Reply to on 8 December 2015
Having smoked quality cigars for years I have to admit I was more than a little pensive about purchasing this product.

Age and health catching up. Not to mention good old rules and regulations about smoking.
I decided to give it a try. I am please to report that I am very glad that I did. Amazing.
Very well designed and constructed. It has the feel of a real cigar and the subconscious accepts it as such.

Very pleased and presently surprised. It is not a Cuban cigar. I dose a very passable impression of one given that it is electronic and there is no tobacco in sight. Well worth a go.
D SHOESMITH Reply to on 11 November 2016
This is a reasonable, more healthy alternative to a real cigar and great for indoor use, without smelling the house out.

It has a decent look and could be mistaken for a real cigar at a distance. It produces good "smoke". It has a reasonable draw. The aroma is not really like a true cigar, maybe I need to experiment with other flavours. The cigar itself is quite heavy and given it's nature has a very hard end, it does not have the softness of a real cigar.

I think I will use it more indoors to avoid the residual smell of a real cigar, but would still probably opt for a real cigar outdoors.The E cigar can not replicate a real one in terms of softness, weight and genuine aroma.
Michael Reply to on 6 May 2017
Extremely lifelike rendition of a cigar. Perfect size and the flavour is very good.
You dont get a kick out of it lile a real one but at least it is not full of nasty chemicals.
The glowing tip when you puff is very convincing too. Love it!
Would love it more if the end had an ash texture but i can do that myself.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 7 August 2016
I've been vaping for quite a few years, originally along with normal cigarettes then just vaping after deciding I may as well commit to one or the other. I've had various e cigs and currently mostly use a
now getting quite old iTaste MVP and an also quite old (and now, I think, discontinued) eRoll-c by Joyetech that I luckily stockpiled supplies for, though my last batteries are probably about to give up the ghost.

I always fancied getting an e cigar as I used to enjoy the odd cigar but didn't want a disposable. I chose the eKaiser rechargeable cigar because it looked pretty faithfully like a cigar (not just a brown tube with a light stuck on the end), seemed simple to use and wasn't overpriced for a speculative purchase.
I didn't get this to replace my other devices but I have found myself using it much more than I expected or would have ever smoked traditional cigars. I've had this a little while now so I think I can make honest and not spur of the moment comments about it

Important to consider.
This item's cartomizers do not contain nicotine so if your giving up and want a nicotine hit this on it's own wouldn't do. I don't know if cartomizers with nicotine are available as I haven't looked deeply into this because I can get my nicotine using one of my other devices.
Ease of use
This e cigar is about as simple to use as anything could be. Open box, take out e cigar already with a cartomizer attached, take out the rubber cap ( covering hole for the vape), put cartomizer end in corner of mouth start puffing away and imaging you're some fat cat business person sat on your yacht (or maybe it's just me who does that).
Two extra cartomizers come in the packet, these have another rubber bung to remove that protects the bit you plug the battery USB into. When you need to change a cartomizer it's as easy as pulling the old one off of the battery's USB plug and connecting the new one.
The battery lasts quite a while, Like most people I don't count my puffs but I wouldn't be surprised if it managed to get pretty close to the estimate of 900 puffs. When it does run down the led will flash. When this happens just remove the cartomizer and find a handy USB port or USB plug to pop the battery in. It takes about 3 hours to get fully charged.
When fully together the whole thing fits easily into a jacket pocket. If you put the little rubber caps back in or put in a small case unassembled it'd probably fit in most trouser pockets.
My rechargeable cigar came with three original cigar flavour cartomizers. Admittedly the taste isn't that like the cigars I have smoked but it's a pleasant taste that's has a very slight taste of burnt sugar/caramel to it. Though you wont be able to almost instantly disappear completely in a cloud of vape like with some mods there is a satisfyingly cigar like amount of vape when you use this. There's a pleasantly noticeable throat hit without it eventually making it feel like you've been smoking a cheese grater.
Again I didn't count the puffs but it did last a long time.

I already like this enough to have bought more cartomizers for it which is probably as good as any other recommendation I can give.
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee Reply to on 8 March 2018
I have been using this for about an hour and no smoke is coming from it, I have plugged the battery in for charge and tried all 3 cartomizers and none of them are working! No impressed as this was advertised to give a cigar feel and that's not what I'm getting. Expiry date is 12/01/2020 so still should be ok.
Mike in Worthing
Mike in Worthing Reply to on 30 May 2015
The E-cigar itself is very good and looks like a cigar although slightly heavier. The flavour heads that come with it are Golden Cigar flavour which tastes very sweet more like Maple Syrup flavour.
I suggest perhaps sending the cigar out with Classic Cigar flavour as this proved a more authentic flavour for me.
No problems so far but haven't yet needed to charge the battery up.
Recommended to those cigar smokers who want to quit the nicotine habit, although I still smoke a normal cigar once a week.
Mr. Robin Hume
Mr. Robin Hume Reply to on 10 March 2016
This is a good product. It produces loads of vapour and the taste is OK. I only usually smoke on my birthday and at Christmas but have smoked more recently than I should so this is a good replacement. For me, no e-cigar could replace the real thing though.
kevin Reply to on 1 April 2016
I have been a cigar smoker for year's but they are getting a bit expensive these days. As a die hard "real" cigar somker is was a bit worried about going to an e cigar so i had my sister get me one for Christmas. It is my best Christmas gift, they are very smooth and good on the palet and go well with a fine coffee. I am going to try different flavors next to see what that would be like. Oh and i now have two of these one for home and one for away Very Nice
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