Donald-trump Zeina Almonds, 1 kg:Donald-trump
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Zeina Almonds, 1 kg:Donald-trump

Zeina Published in October 15, 2018, 5:13 pm
 Zeina Almonds, 1 kg:Donald-trump

Zeina Almonds, 1 kg:Donald-trump

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Lee Reply to on 2 December 2017
I bought these almonds to soak and use in a dehydrator, to make 'activated' almonds. Some previous reviewers have commented that they often get a 'bad' almond or two. After buying several bags so far, I've yet to come across any that looked or tasted off. So whilst it might happen occasionally, in my experience I wouldn't let this put you off buying - the same could be said for any whole ingredient brand.

They're a little on the pricey side at £12.99/bag considering they're not organic and as far as I can tell, nor of distinguishable provenance or accredited with any kind of badge (organic, non-GMO, fair trade, etc), although I've noticed the price does vary often. My last bag was £9.99- I've seen other brands in other shops (online and off) for around £8-9, sometimes 2 for 1 with offers, so you might want to shop around.
Mr. I. Hurley
Mr. I. Hurley Reply to on 7 October 2017
I've had 2kg of these and compared to another brand on amazon that costs a tiny bit more I've consistently found around 1 in every 20 almonds in these packs are rancid or stale.. It ends up not mattering that 19 in 20 are fine - a mouth full of rancid almond is enough to put you off the rest of the pack. It also makes me question how that happens - is one in 20 of these almonds old, was moisture involved in the ones that taste rotten? Is their a problem with their packaging facility? Are they mixing in 5% old stock? The other brand I've tried had zero bad almonds in 1kg so I'll buy those instead.
Rubeen Reply to on 17 March 2017
high quality almonds, well packed - I use these to make almond milk on the liquidiser. I add a few almonds to some water and leave for 24 hours to soften them a bit before liquidising. Ideal for adding to my cereal in the morning.
Tsvetan Reply to on 22 November 2017
When they arrived the original bag was torn a bit, but it was placed in another sealed bag, so no contents were lost. I roasted them in the oven in a big tray. 10 minutes before they were done I sprinkled some salt and water solution and gave them a stir. They came out perfect and delicious. I'm buying a second bag right now. It would have been 5 stars if not for the torn bag.
HymerHunter Reply to on 18 February 2018
Fresh, hard and tasty. The best I have bought for some time. I was concerned about a few negative reviews but as I had ordered them before I decided to go ahead and order. I am delighted that I did.
Josephine Reply to on 18 January 2016
Good, fresh almonds, not dry at all. Cannot recall a single fragmented almond.
R. Miranda
R. Miranda Reply to on 10 March 2018
Fantastic almonds. These are very well packaged and once open, seem to keep their freshness.
I eat them neat most of the time and they taste great. Not sure if any other uses and I haven’t tried, but they are perfect for what I wanted.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Reply to on 24 May 2017
I find it far more economical to buy my almonds in larger packets. These are very fresh and tasty. Ideal to sprinkle on my breakfast or eat as an afternoon snack. Highly recommend. I would buy them again.
Graham Reply to on 24 September 2017
What more can I say about almonds. They were packaged fine and once opened put them in an air tight container so they would stay fresh. I bought these as buying the little packs from a supermarket was getting quite expensive. So buy these if you like almonds and you won't be disappointed.
Mister Scott
Mister Scott Reply to on 27 February 2018
I found these to be fresh and really crunchy which I liked. I also made almond milk with them, and used the left overs to make flour which I used in a recipe. When I make purchases I always ask myself, would I buy them again. Definitely yes.
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