Donald-trump 40 Japanese sweets & snack set POPIN COOKIN with Japanese kitkat and other popular candy:Donald-trump
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40 Japanese sweets & snack set POPIN COOKIN with Japanese kitkat and other popular candy:Donald-trump

Sushi Candy
Sushi Candy Published in October 15, 2018, 5:04 pm
 40 Japanese sweets & snack set POPIN COOKIN with Japanese kitkat and other popular candy:Donald-trump

40 Japanese sweets & snack set POPIN COOKIN with Japanese kitkat and other popular candy:Donald-trump

Price:£17.99+ £3.99 shipping

Freja Reply to on 9 June 2017
Not bad at all! I've gotten a few Japanese snacks boxes before. This one had a good selection of stuff, from savory to sweet.
Only warning is that if you don't like seafood or fishy stuff, don't bother trying the dried fish things if you happen to get some. I love seaweed, but the dried packaged fish and squid were too much even for me. They tasted and smelled very fishy.
I got a poppin cookin in my batch too, 5 umaibo, each a different flavor, corn/rice puff snacks various candies, mostly fruit, cola flavors and a few chocolate things.
My partner and I play a game where we try to guess what we're eating before looking at the paper. It was a lot of fun having textures and tastes that were nothing like how they smelled or looked. Some things looked dry and cracker like, then melted and became smooth in the mouth. Other things were crunchy out of nowhere.

Out of the entire box, there were only 3 things I really didn't enjoy, both dried fish things and the chocolate fish (I have never tasted a cheaper strange chemical tasting chocolate) over all, it isn't bad considering there are 40 pieces.

Really enjoyed this. For 40 pieces of various sizes for about 20£ not bad in the slightest. Will definitely be ordering more in the future. I hope the boxes vary instead of the same stuff every time. We'll have to see!
Tang Cyn Dee
Tang Cyn Dee Reply to on 21 May 2018
Arrived in about 10 days. Looks really lovely, a medium-sized box filled to the brim with dagashi! It came with a sheet of paper detailing all the snacks, which I found helpful and informative. All in all very happy with what I received. :)
Alexander Taylor
Alexander Taylor Reply to on 16 July 2018
So initially I had some issue with the delivery (which was not an error on Sushi Candy's part), simply the Swedish border held it for a while without any notification. I contacted Sushi Candy while this was happening and they responded quickly and were very helpful (5/5 support).

On to the box itself, I have yet to get through all 40 pieces but so far the quality has been amazing, just as if you had purchased any of the items in a store in Japan. Good variety of items and personally I have enjoyed all the ones I have tried.
Nathalie Reply to on 24 January 2018
This is a gorgeous assortment of lovely Japanese sweets and snacks ! My children, who are curious about "sweets and snacks from other countries", started clapping their hands with joy when they saw so many colorful little packets of sweets and snacks. I highly recommend this product !!!
Bowser Reply to on 14 January 2018
Super fun gift though be prepared for your tongue to go on a rollercoaster... loved many of the items, hated some 😂 and will not ever put them in my mouth again but well worth trying!
Siska Reply to on 22 May 2018
Delivery didn't take too long. It did not disappoint at all. It was filled with awesome goodies. The type that we hoped for, with the cool packaging and the combinations/flavors we are not used to. Some we knew, most we didn't. It had a very handy print out with English explanation as to what to do with the DIY candy and what everything was. My son loved unpacking it and so did I. So far one of the best packages we ordered. Would definitely recommend!
Miss M. H. Ellis
Miss M. H. Ellis Reply to on 10 September 2017
Quick service, informative sheet included. 39 items out of 40 but can't really grumble, we enjoyed a reviewing session with the savoury part of the selection and will soon be doing the sweet section.
Zytherman Reply to on 8 March 2018
Great tastes and a good experience of trying new things, it came with a translation sheet but not everything in the box was on the sheet so it made it harder to figure out what they were
Miri Kiri
Miri Kiri Reply to on 22 December 2017
I love it. I was concerned about customs charges, but had non. I had many different sorts of candy. It was a gift for my friend and it arrived before Christmas.
It's shipped from Japan.
J. Schmidt
J. Schmidt Reply to on 15 January 2018
This is a super cool package, arrived nearly two weeks earlier than estimated, no customs charges and filled with super colourful fun stuff. This was a present for a friend, but here I am ordering a next one for me because I made myself super jealous :)
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