Donald-trump Customer reviews Skechers Equalizer Persistent Men Low-Top Sneakers, Black (Black/Grey), 9.5 UK (44 EU):Donald-trump
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Customer reviews Skechers Equalizer Persistent Men Low-Top Sneakers, Black (Black/Grey), 9.5 UK (44 EU):Donald-trump

Skechers Published in October 18, 2018, 11:10 pm
Customer reviews Skechers Equalizer Persistent Men Low-Top Sneakers, Black (Black/Grey), 9.5 UK (44 EU):Donald-trump

Customer reviews Skechers Equalizer Persistent Men Low-Top Sneakers, Black (Black/Grey), 9.5 UK (44 EU):Donald-trump

Mr Bean
Mr Bean Reply to on 29 February 2016
Brilliant shoes. Cannot recommend them enough. I must admit it's the first time I've bought shoes from Amazon (but many many other things!) and I had a small amount of trepidation that they would fit. Yes, I did know about the returns policy, but with my life it's not the kind of thing I really want to do! I have already had some Skechers' running shoes for a couple of years and remember taking one size up because they didn't fit too well (and I have strange feet too) so was very grateful to Glenn P. Arnold for his comment that they loosened slightly over time. I used this knowledge to get my 'usual' size and have been wearing them for a couple of days in absolute joy. As with reviewer GeeMak I have had Plantar Fasciitis and got inserts in my shoes but it was getting a bit irritating and also I felt that a pair of sneakers would do the trick. Well, as you've heard they have and I walk to the shops etc with a smile on my face..

Many thanks to all the positive reviewers for easing my way into buying these wonderful shoes!
Dave Reply to on 25 May 2018
I’m early 40’s and starting to care less about fashion than comfort.
That’s not to say Skechers aren’t stylish, but I wanted a pair of trainers that I could get away with wearing to the office and out and about at work as I do a lot of walking.
These are smart enough for work and are without a doubt the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever owned.
They do give a bit once you’ve worn them for a while, but not enough to be loose in my experience.
I’d say this design is more of a summer shoe as I don’t think they’d be great in the wind and rain as they are very thin and lightweight.
I will definitely be buying a pair again, maybe a pair more suited for the winter.
Overall a great addition to my current selection of trainers.
Victor Meldrew Mk2
Victor Meldrew Mk2 Reply to on 13 April 2018
Not the most stylish, but I needed some lightweight shoes for a recent visit to Rome. I was considering training shoes, but wanted something a bit different for the trip, but also something that I could wear casually at home. Slip on shoes have never been my thing either, however, as I am ageing (as is everyone) I thought that these would be ideal for those moments such as going outside to collect a delivery, late night dog walk etc: i.e. when you need a pair of shoes for 10 minutes or so, but don't want to spend ages lacing them up.

So how did they cope in Rome. Day 1 we walked 27,993 steps: Colisseum, Forum, Palantine Hill, Trevi fountain and there and back to our hotel adjacent to the main railway station. No problems, tight fit and whilst the soles of my feet felt a little tender, nothing serious, no blisters and after changing shoes, we went out for dinner that night and I walked a further 7000+ steps. Day 2 19553 steps, Vatican museum, St Peter's, Spanish steps and back to the hotel. Same routine, changed shoes and out for dinner - no discomfort. Day 3, left at 3:00 p.m. but still managed 14270 steps.

We returned from Rome and I am completing this review. I wore normal socks, am a fit 15 stone man whose feet have taken a lot of punishment over the years and wished that I had discovered these sooner. For the price, these shoes offer an ideal piece of footwear to use when visiting cities, they are extremely comfortable, very durable and weigh next to nothing in your case. They fit my feet exactly as I expected them to and whilst not waterproof, they allowed my feet to breath; they never felt sweaty and certainly not overheat, the thick sole plate allows you to walk through shallow puddles and keep your feet dry and more importantly, should they get wet, they dry very quickly - in that regard, I think that they are ideal for travel.

Overall then, whether it be for a city tour, or using as casual footwear these shoes are really ideal. They are so good, that I have ordered another pair for when the originals wear out, although I don't think that will be too soon as my trip to Rome hasn't effected them at all. Roll on Budapest and Reykjavik, next on the list.
Mr. Glenn P. Arnold
Mr. Glenn P. Arnold Reply to on 19 April 2015
Nice slip on, unfortunately they were a little to loose for me. I have had skecher leather slip ons before which were a snugger fit. I find they loosen over time and these would have become more of a slip off before long. It's a shame you cannot get half sizes as a 7.5 would have been spot on. Still a well made shoe though.
Retrovertigo Reply to on 26 September 2017
Super comfortable. In fact the most comfortable trainers I have ever owned. But they do look strange on my feet on account of the really wide fitting. And despite being the same shoe size as my other footwear, they look considerably longer for some reason. I was convinced I was sent the wrong size at first. But I suppose comfort is the most important thing, and for that they deserve 5 stars as they really do feel amazing.
sweet pete
sweet pete Reply to on 19 May 2017
Until you have tried wearing a pair of these you just wouldn't believe how comfortable they are.someone else reccomended them to me who has bought 4 pairs.l bought one pair recently and when l wore them l knew l had to have another pair incase they stopped making them.both times l have bought size 9uk and both times fit is lovely.l recently went on holiday with a brand new pair of £120 trainers but guess what? I only wore them once! These skechers are amazing.never tried the brand before.l orderered from amazon saturday and they were delivered next second pair will stay in the box.l may never where them unless the first pair wear out but now l couldn't be without them. I have no connection with amazon or skechers but credit where it's won't regret them, l bought an £80 pair of ugg slippers at christmas which are really comfortable but the skechers are miles nore comfy. Hope this review will be helpful. They need ladies version.
STEVE COWLEY Reply to on 11 July 2018
I was thinking to myself the other day. I was thinking about when I was a boy. When I had my first pair of trainers. They were so comfortable. How come this does not seem true today? I always end up having to put padded insoles in them just to make them wearable. And so I googled comfortable shoes and read the reviews on these. I thought, Why not give them a try? And so I now have a pair. I can honestly say these are COMFORTABLE . I have now ordered another pair of sketched shoes in a different style and colour. I am a convert. Money well spent.
C Reply to on 7 March 2017
One of the most comfortable pairs of shoes i have ever had. Even if you currently have more than enough pairs of shoes I recommend you try a pair of sketchers.....they feel totally different than anything else i have ever tried.

Even after weeks of wearing i still feel like i am walking on clouds.

Tip: If you feel like they are a little tight when you first put them on, do not worry, they will strech after you wear them a few times :D
Mike Y.
Mike Y. Reply to on 16 May 2018
I have quite large feet, size 13 and very wide along with a high instep therefore buying shoes has always been a problem. Along with this, due to suffering from arthritis, I have been experiencing considerable pain in my feet after a short time wearing shoes. I had heard that Sketchers are comfortable, but never imagined that they could leave my feet with no extra pain after standing and walking for 8 hours than I had just before putting them on. I’m now converted to this brand and look forward to buying different styles with confidence
fjs Reply to on 8 October 2016
First time buyer of this brand. The shoes are well made and seamed, with no stray glue marks. They have the 'Gola problem' of being too small at any given size - the EU size is a better guide than the UK size. I bought size 12 for size 11 feet (wide) and was very happy with the fit. The cushioning is nearly as good as Reebok. They can be slipped on and off easily. A comfortable mesh shoe.

Update: I bought a second pair, which had to be returned because there was a defect in the fabric of one shoe. Amazon provuded a prompt replacement pair which were well made.
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