Donald-trump The Collector - Limited Edition Blu Ray [Blu-ray] [Region Free]:Donald-trump
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The Collector - Limited Edition Blu Ray [Blu-ray] [Region Free]:Donald-trump

Michael Reilly Burke
Michael Reilly Burke Published in September 19, 2018, 3:52 am
 The Collector - Limited Edition Blu Ray [Blu-ray] [Region Free]:Donald-trump

The Collector - Limited Edition Blu Ray [Blu-ray] [Region Free]:Donald-trump

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F. V. L. Buliciri
F. V. L. Buliciri Reply to on 9 April 2018
Legendary director, William Wyler, (Roman Holiday, Jezebel and The Heiress) directs this psychological thriller starring the iconic Terence Stamp and Sixties siren Samantha Eggar.

Terence Stamp portrays shy working class bank clerk and psychopath Freddie Clegg obsessed with beautiful middle class doctor's daughter Miranda. He kidnaps her and holds her hostage.

The Collector is an interesting film that offers an insight into the world of the psychopath as seen through Freddie Clegg and the danger of obsession as his relationship with Miranda develops.

Based on the novel by John Fowles, The Collector looks at the obsession with class in British society with Freddie representing the working class spectrum of society and Miranda a symbol of middle class privilege and entitlement a world that Freddie can never belong to and truly enter.

After all these years The Collector stands the test of time as a cinema classic and iconic film of the Sixties. Terence Stamp is brilliant as the troubled psychopath Freddie Clegg for which he won the 1965 Best Actor award at the Cannes film festival. Samantha Eggar is superb as the object of Freddie's desire the beautiful and privileged Miranda for which she won the 1965 Best Actress award at Cannes.

I highly recommend The Collector especially if you wish to see an interesting film that highlights Terence Stamp's impressive body of work as an actor.
Paul Reply to on 23 December 2016
One Of The Rare Movies That lives Up To The Classic Novel It Was Based On. John Fowles Novel The Collector filmed as a Movie in 1965 stars The relativly Then Newcomers Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar. for me its a movie i have seen many Times i really must Have worn out my old VHS copy of The Film over The Decades oddly enough when DVD's first came into play and i Gave up my old VHS movies i Never really added The Collector To my DVD collection it was just one of Those movies That always stayed fresh in my mind. A very intelligent movie yet with a so simple plot we have all add our first crush perhaps on The Girl who lives on The Next street but really To shy To perhaps go up and Talk To her about it Fowle's Novel and The Movie Takes This senario a step further with one mans obssesion leading Him To kidnap The Girl of His dreams. Excellent Terence Stamp is The shy lonely man winning a vast amount on The football pools but His only real interest lies in The Girl He has always admired from afar relativley Then unknown Samantha Eggar innoncently falls prey into The clutches of Stamps secret Desires. if you have never seen The Collector Don't expect To see a cast of Thousands with The odd character exceptions The whole movie is played out between kidnapper and victim. The movie olso had an unusual choice of Director William Wyler a Director mostly associated with westerns like The classic The Big Country. Director Wyler Delivers an absorbing Tale of cat and mouse each Trying To outwit each other between The Two leads as Eggar finally submitting To Stamp's needs all part of her plot To escape His clutches. Again if you have Never seen The Collector i am Not going To Give To much away To you particuarly The Ending This is one of Those movies you really need To see and judge it for yourselves. Newly released on The Blu-ray format The Collector Delivers a very Good print for a movie of it;s age even my old VHS copy Delivered bright brilliant colours and The Blu-ray is No expection The movies Theactrical Trailer is all in The way of extras of course an interview with Stamp and Eggar would have really made it for me. listen out for a beautiful music score by composer Maurice Jarre as you get caught up with The Two leads and its plot particuarly with Samantha Eggar as The Helpless kidnapped victim. Take Note However its a region locked Disc you will need multi region players To view it one for your collection of classic movies Though.
David Nissen
David Nissen Reply to on 9 April 2017
I saw this rather disturbing movie years ago and always remembered it - it made quite an impression . I'm pleased to say it hasn't dated one bit . Rather Hitchcock in places , its edge of seat stuff .Terence Stamp is brilliant and Samantha Eggar works well .
Trey Blake
Trey Blake Reply to on 29 July 2018
Stunning performance by Terence Stamp , who I feel is woefully under appreciated as an actor'd maybe need to see him in other roles to realise how diverse his characterisations are ...but anyway this is a proper 60's film , and incredibly fresh at the same time .

C. J. Larner
C. J. Larner Reply to on 6 April 2016
I love the John Fowles book and hadn't seen this film for years. It is as creepy as I remember it and Terence Stamp is excellent as the main character. Well worth a watch!
Rob Reply to on 13 December 2016
Great classic movie and well converted to DVD with improved image
Dave Evans
Dave Evans Reply to on 29 August 2017
Classic, I think one of the most sinister films ever. The fear is not created by actions but in the masterful acting. Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar give performances that are almost like a dance.
butch Reply to on 4 June 2016
amazing film well acted a real 60s classic would recommend.
Mrs. Mary Johnson Sheffield
Mrs. Mary Johnson Sheffield Reply to on 21 October 2015
Went to see this film, when I was a teenager, not so good as I remember it.
You may enjoy it, if you haven't already seen it.
graham fulton
graham fulton Reply to on 13 March 2013
a really classy film of the novel. edgy, intelligent, achingly sad. a good atmosphere builds, and there's a real edge of seat ending, and you're horrified tho not all all surprised at how the story finishes. a genuinely unsettling story well translated to film. though so clearly set in the 60's, it doesn't feel too dated, and the performances and emotions are timeless
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