Donald-trump Lintbells YuDIGEST Plus Probiotics Digestive Support for Dogs (6 Sachets):Donald-trump
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Lintbells YuDIGEST Plus Probiotics Digestive Support for Dogs (6 Sachets):Donald-trump

Lintbells Published in September 19, 2018, 3:56 am
 Lintbells YuDIGEST Plus Probiotics Digestive Support for Dogs (6 Sachets):Donald-trump

Lintbells YuDIGEST Plus Probiotics Digestive Support for Dogs (6 Sachets):Donald-trump

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Lenny Reply to on 12 March 2018
5 stars for this as it works well on my 13 yr old Shih-tzu who was recently diagnosed with colitis and put on tablets with steroid injection. I waited until his treatment was finished and started to put this in his food and he ate it! I was thrilled as he is a fussy eater and this puts the good flora back into him after his colitis medication. He's doing great with it and no flare up. Happy dog = happy me! Highly recommended!
Fizbomb Reply to on 15 December 2016
Having this product at hand is a must for dogs with delicate stomachs.My 13year old Lhasa Apso had awful runny poo,a few days of a very light diet of chicken and rice and YuDigest Probiotics crushed and put over her fooddid the trick,she was back to having firm dark stools again.Highly recommend!!
Mrsme Reply to on 15 August 2017
I'd had an expensive trip to the vets with my dog who was under the weather, turns out he had doggie heartburn which had made him lathargic & a bit sick. Not wanting to shell out another £100 I bought these in case it came back. It came back a few weeks after, he had sickness (bile), iffy belly & was uncomfortable. I sprinkled a sachet over some cooked chicken, after a few hours he had started improving. I carried on for another few days & he was back to normal. Well worth having in to try before heading to the vets
Denielle N.
Denielle N. Reply to on 3 September 2017
My dog had become very ill and not only wouldn't eat but there was stuff flying out of him at both ends.After visiting the vets who recommended this I started him on it as directed and he went from a dog I feared I mite loose to one that was rapidly on the mend.Anything that does that much good for my Baba is worth its weight in gold as far as I'm concerned.Thank goodness for this product. Dxx
Sam Reply to on 4 October 2014
Excellent product. After speaking to Lintbells at Crufts I bought some there and then. My large Husky, German shepherd X had severe food intolerances and an undiagnosed parasite. It took three vets to diagnose and a lot of worry - yet even after treatment there was no advice on how to improve her stomachs ability to digest food, as all of her natural gut bacteria had been killed off by repeated antibiotics (that turned out to be making things worse) However these sachets helped beyond belief, and after purchasing a number of boxes over the last 6 months, we now have a dog who can eat actual dog food without repercussions, so we just keep a few on the side, for times when her stomach gets upset - which thankfully hasn't happened in the last 4 months, and she has now put weight on and is enjoying her life again. Thank you.
Lainey Reply to on 29 December 2016
Excellent product and it really works. Worth trying before visiting the Vet. I normally rush to the Vet but these worked miracles. Thanks
Margy Reply to on 17 December 2017
This is a must have for my dog who has very bad tummy upsets, the vets medication ( and fees!) were very expensive and didn’t work.
I trust this company and their products because they work and she now has no digestive symptoms - I am continuing with a daily tablet to keep Sophie well. I give her 1 yudigest, and 1 yumove tablet a day and we’ve had no more problems with her tummy or her arthritis.
Ms. Rosalyn Ogden
Ms. Rosalyn Ogden Reply to on 18 September 2017
My dog suffered from pancreatitis and had real digestive problems until our vet recommended these and she stabilised. We can't live without them now and are so relieved to have found them, a real life saver.
Roger B
Roger B Reply to on 11 July 2016
We have been using this for years for two American Cocker Spaniels with very sensitive stomachs. It always clears up the bad tummies they have within 24 hours. Excellent product for dogs with sensitive tummies. We were recommended it by the breeder and she was right!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 28 February 2018
Purchased these on recommendation from a canine nutritionist as our dog had prolonged stomach upset, vet treatment wasn't working and there was no parasites or nasties in his lab work. Within 24hrs of a combination of Yu Digest and Olewo Carrots he is a normal dog again! Will definitely be keeping a stock of it in the cupboard from now on. Great product, thank you.
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