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Nelson The Sword of Albion:Donald-trump

Dr John Sugden
Dr John Sugden Published in September 19, 2018, 3:34 am
 Nelson The Sword of Albion:Donald-trump

Nelson The Sword of Albion:Donald-trump

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Kitaj Reply to on 8 April 2016
I can't recommend this book too highly. Every page is interesting, well researched and informative. Believe the hype - this really is a very good biography bringing Nelson to life and painting him 'warts and all'. I can't imagine that there will be a better biography of Nelson. I have only two gripes - this biography has now meant that all other biographies are measured against it and will, inevitably, fall short. Secondly, I was pleased that I bought this on Kindle as the built-in dictionary was very useful. Sugden uses vocabulary that I've never encountered before, some of which (the specialist naval terminology) wasn't in the Kindle dictionary. I spent some time checking vocabulary, not all of which needed to be quite so unusual. However, these are minor gripes for a very enjoyable book. Highly recommended.
Longshanks Reply to on 30 January 2016
This, with" Nelson:A Dream Of Glory" is a magnum opus indeed and is full of details I was totally unfamiliar with and insights untangling the man from the myth but also showing how extraordinary he was as a leader. This is no hagiography, as John Sugden shows he had weaknesses that clashed at times with his own self perception, and what might be thought to have been his duty when he was enamoured of Naples and the Hamiltons. For all that he comes across as an extraordinary and, I think, unique human being - as unique as Bonaparte but quite unlike him in so many ways. None quite like him in our naval or indeed military history . These are not quick and easy reads but I became fully immersed as he came to life. But for those wanting to delve deeper into the times and the man it would be hard to find anything better.
Mrs DW McHale
Mrs DW McHale Reply to on 9 May 2017
I have read several books on Nelson but this is the best - it gives the real context and scale of Nelsons achievement in well written and impeccably re-searched text with a great sense of humanity and insight - no matter the predictability of the ending I could not help but cry - Sugden brought me so close to the man and what he meant - great book
'Marble' Reply to on 8 March 2013
I am reading this book, having read John Sugden's previous book - NELSON A Dream of Glory. The first was brilliant and this one is no less inspiring. It is well written and easy to understand, with maps showing the where and when of battles. There are also several illustrations of various people who played an important part in Nelson's life, together with such written detail that I am filled with awe and respect for the amount of research that must have gone into this tome. It truly shows the man as well as the Admiral and both books must be the most informative and comprehensive ever written about Nelson. If you want a warts and all read and to really get to know Nelson then these two are in a league of their own.
J Eddershaw
J Eddershaw Reply to on 30 April 2015
Quite possibly the greatest book ever written. OK maybe that's over doing it, but this is truly a magnificent work. 1000 pages of illumination. I thought I knew the essential facts of the man. I knew nothing, and the reality is so much more than the myth.

I bought the hardback after reading the e-book, just so I could hold it!
Ceejaydee Reply to on 25 July 2017
Still wading through this most excellent of books. This writer is meticulous in his details. i am amazed at his detail investigations. Book is excellent reading but not for a weekend job.
Rick Day
Rick Day Reply to on 9 September 2016
This book is fascinating but is a seriously long read. Has opened my eyes to what a brilliant but incredibly flawed character Nelson was.
John Clifford Andrews
John Clifford Andrews Reply to on 2 September 2018
This is a detailed biography of Nelson’s private life as well as his naval career, most absorbing a must read for anyone interested in Nelson.
little Reply to on 27 April 2017
Very good and informative. Good follow up on previous book by Sugden.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 1 September 2017
excellent read, very authorative
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