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Crushed A Hockey Love Story (Vegas Crush Book 1):Donald-trump

Brit DeMille
Brit DeMille Published in September 19, 2018, 3:34 am
 Crushed A Hockey Love Story (Vegas Crush Book 1):Donald-trump

Crushed A Hockey Love Story (Vegas Crush Book 1):Donald-trump


Sejla Reply to on 10 June 2018
Hockey romance books are my vice. When I heard that one of my most favorite authors ever Raine Miller wrote one under the pen name Brit de Mille, I was one-clicking and all over it in a second. It didn't hurt that the blurb was intriguing and the cover gorgeous. There is something sexy and super attractive about these Hockey gods with cocky personalities who slay on the ice and have bodies to die for. But what makes me crazy for these books is when these hunks are brought to their knees by love.

When Holly Lauren moves from LA to Vegas in order to start her new job as the social media manager for the local team the Vegas Crush, she never anticipated what temptation this job will bring. And this temptation comes in a package of six-foot-three Ukrainian sexiness with dark hair, green eyes and an intriguing accent.

The first time Holly and Evan Kazmeirowicz meet the sparks fly. There is a strong and undeniable pull between them. Being the star winger for the Vegas Crush, Evan is a fan favorite, especially among the puck bunnies. He has a reputation, though not as bad as his Russian right-hand man and best buddy Georg Kolochev who plays defenseman.

As they are both on the team Holly knows that starting an affair with a player would ruin her career, so she keeps her distance. She loves her job and doesn't want to jeopardize it for a guy. Not even if he looks like a god and possesses enough charizma to charm every woman's panties off.

Evan doesn't care about breaking the fraternization rule. There is something about the dark haired beauty with the pouty lips that makes him persuade her no matter what. And it's not because Evan was never let down by a woman before. It's because she's different, smart and alluring. He never felt such an interest for a woman before.

Policies exist for a reason and rules are not meant to be broken. Right? A little taste will start an inferno of want that will either make them crash into love or burn their hearts to ashes...

Crushed was such an amazing and unputdownable story! The pace was fast, the story line intriguing and the chemistry between Evan and Holly out of this world. I was holding my breath and waiting for them to finally cross the line and kiss. I wanted them together so badly! And once they gave in there was no going back. Prepare for some major hotness that will make you fan yourself to calm down!

Holly's and Evan's relationship was not the only fantastic thing about this book. It was also the bromance between Evan and Georg as much as the friendship between Holly and Pamela, who is going to be the new physio therapist for the Vegas Crush. I'm shipping Georg and Pamela so hard and can't wait for Brit's next book, Sin Shot, which will be about them two.

I recommend this book to everyone: hockey lovers and beginners. Don't worry, the rules and concept of the game are very well explained and incorporated into the story line. Thank you Raine for this fantastic book which is among my most favorites of this year! No matter if you write under your name or a pen name your exceptional talent shines through on every page. 5 stars!
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